When is the Best Time to Prune Trees and Shrubs?

When it comes to trimming trees and shrubs, the ideal time to do so is during the dormant period, from late winter to early spring. This is when the tree is essentially in a state of rest and new growth has not yet started to emerge. During this time, inactive pruning is recommended. However, there are still plenty of good reasons to prune trees and shrubs in summer. It is important to note that deciduous shrubs should not be pruned in late summer.

Doing so can encourage late growth, which may not harden enough before cold weather sets in and can be vulnerable to injury during the winter. The exception is if the shrub has heavily damaged, sick, or dead wood, which should be removed at any time. When pruning trees and shrubs in summer, it is essential to take extra care. Pruning should be done with caution and only when necessary. It is also important to use the right tools for the job.

Pruning shears should be sharp and clean, and gloves should be worn to protect hands from sharp edges. In conclusion, it is best to prune trees and shrubs during the dormant period or in spring when new growth is forming naturally. If pruning must be done in summer, it should be done with caution and only when necessary.