Pruning Large Trees in Winchester, Virginia: Safety is Key

When it comes to pruning large trees in Winchester, Virginia, safety should be the top priority. The idea is to manage or control our beloved trees in order to keep them safe and healthy for years to come. Pruning should be used to eliminate defective or poorly positioned branches in order to avoid personal injury or damage to property. Felling trees can lead to more problems in the future and should be avoided if possible. The reality is that pruning stresses the tree and stimulates an irregular amount of growth hormone.

This, in turn, causes the tree to quickly create erratic shoots to try to combat the loss. These shoots grow into larger erratic branches and can weaken the place where they sprout from. With the multiplied number of new members, the amount of weight is multiplied, over a union that is now weaker. This, in turn, requires restorative pruning, which is hard and not always affective. The other option is, roughly, to cut the crown of the tree again, restarting the entire process.

After a certain number of years and this aggressive pruning, the tree may start to fail. It's important to remember that felling trees leads to more and unnecessary work on trees and can slowly kill them over time. Trees develop and balance naturally. They produce a certain amount of foliage to generate and disperse energy as needed. The less we do to them, in general, the better they will be.

Proper pruning should never consist of removing more than 15% of the tree at any given time and larger branches should be removed in stages, if removed at all. Old Town Tree & Landscaping LLC focuses on providing high-quality tree care and customer satisfaction. Consulting one of the tree care experts at Old Town Tree and Landscaping LLC is a great way to ensure proper pruning practices are followed and proper tree care for large trees in Winchester, Virginia is maintained.