Pruning Deciduous Trees in Winchester, Virginia: What You Need to Know

When it comes to pruning deciduous trees in Winchester, Virginia, safety should always be the top priority. Pruning should be used to remove defective or poorly positioned branches in order to avoid personal injury or damage. While dormant pruning (from late winter to early spring) is often recommended, there are plenty of good reasons to prune trees and shrubs in summer. In general, deciduous trees are best pruned in late winter or early spring.

However, some unwanted branches may only become apparent in summer. This includes vertical waterspouts that tend to sprout upward from the branches of fruit trees. Most trees should be pruned so that a dominant trunk branch in the center of the tree grows higher than other branches. For more information on when to prune specific tree species, you can refer to VCE publication 430-460, Deciduous Tree Pruning Calendar.

This video is part of a series called Trees for Energy Conservation, developed by the Southern Regional Forest Extension and the Virginia Cooperative Technology Extension with funding from the National Urban and Community Forestry Advisory Council. The goal of this program is to create a safe, healthy and attractive tree canopy by replacing trees that are overripe and declining in the public right of way that are in conflict with overhead power lines. Trees provide essential benefits to people and communities, from public parks and garden trees to greenway corridors and buffers next to streams. When new growth is created as a result of pruning, it requires the tree to spend energy and can cause a deterioration in health if the tree or shrub was already stressed, in poor health, or grew in unfavorable conditions before the pruning was carried out.

This feature is especially useful when these trees are grown in a hedge form rather than in their standard natural tree form. Another group of deciduous trees that should be avoided when pruning in winter are ornamental trees that bloom in spring. The City of Winchester Tree Division has partnered with Shenandoah Valley Electric Cooperative (SVEC) and Reading Landscapes, Inc. So when is the best time for pruning trees? The best time for pruning most trees is during late winter when they are still dormant. The manual provides guidance on the proper care of trees, from planting a tree to maintenance and care throughout its life. It's important to remember that proper pruning techniques can help ensure healthy growth for your deciduous trees.

Pruning at the wrong time can cause damage or even death to your trees. To ensure your trees remain healthy and safe, it's important to follow the guidelines provided by VCE publication 430-460 and consult with an arborist if you have any questions.