When is the Best Time to Prune Trees: Summer or Winter?

Pruning trees is an essential part of keeping a healthy and attractive landscape. While winter is usually thought of as the best time to prune trees, summer can also be a great time for certain types of trees. Depending on the age, species, and vigour of your trees, you may find that what was a neat spring tree has become an overgrown summer tree. Even if winter is the most recommended time to prune or prune a tree on your property, summer can offer particular advantages for fruit trees and damaged trees, as well as for shaping trees in general.

Summer is a good time to remove side or lateral branches. Removing some side branches will increase the amount of sunlight and air reaching the inner leaves and branches. This increased airflow and sunlight help reduce fungal diseases and improve fruit ripening. It's okay to prune some trees in summer, such as pine trees and most evergreens.

It is recommended that pruning be limited to dead or broken branches of other trees. The end of winter is the ideal time to prune, as trees have a full season ahead of them to heal wounds and start new growth. Summer pruning can put extra pressure on an already stressed tree. Pruning experience: Pruning is not just about cutting the branches of a tree, but professionals know what type of cuts to make and when to maintain the health of the tree and obtain the best results.

On the other hand, pruning or pruning to remove dead and decaying branches will make fruit trees healthier and may increase yield. Once the tree has had all of its leaves, you can remove dead branches and clusters as soon as you see them to prevent insects and decaying organisms from entering the tree. Many believe that the best time of year to prune trees is as soon as the bright leaves begin to fall. Davey provides comprehensive landscaping, land management and tree care services at commercial properties across North America.

The following is a simple guide to the best pruning and pruning of trees in summer if you plan to prune trees yourself, because when it comes to pruning trees in summer, you have to make sure that it will be a help and not an obstacle. Pruning these trees in spring or winter is not a good idea, as they will end up losing a lot of water in the form of sap (in spring) or the vital nutrients needed during dormancy (in winter). You probably want to postpone heavy tree pruning now, unless it's a fruit tree or poses a safety risk. Cutting tree branches in summer and early fall (during the growing season) can be particularly harmful because it stimulates new growth in the tree.

If you're ready to try pruning, here are a few different types of trees and the best time of year to prune each one:

  • Pine Trees: Summer
  • Evergreens: Summer
  • Fruit Trees: Summer
  • Damaged Trees: Summer
  • Shaping Trees: Summer
It will also be easier for you to identify damaged branches and determine how much the tree should be pruned and kept healthy, since the branches will be dry and there will be less foliage in summer.